Army Surgeons Grow a new ear for a soldier…. in her arm!!

Doctors as William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Texas, have successfully managed to grow a new ear for hero Private Shamika Burrage.  Shamika was only 19 when a blown tyre caused a car accident leaving her with head injuries, spinal compression fractures and the loss of her left ear. shamika-burrage-hand-wp_650x400_61525958985

Burrage made an amazing recovery and was considering a prosthetic ear until Lt. Col. Owen Johnson III, chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at William Beaumont suggested the possibility of growing her a new ear.

The procedure involved taking cartilage from Burrage’s ribs, and using it to “sculpt” a new ear.  This ear was placed under the skin of her forearm which allowed it to grow new blood vessels.

vacanti mouse

This isn’t the first time such a technique has been used, and many will recognise the famous “Vacanti Mouse” that had an ear grown on its back.

Burrage still has two operations left to complete the procedure and we at sciencetoysandgadges wish her all the best!!!

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