Revell Quadcopter Funtic 2.0

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Flying drones isn’t something I had done before, and I was pretty skeptical when I bought this.  After looking at drones that cost hundreds of pounds, how could this £30 product ever match up?

Well the answer to that question is I don’t know – I still have never flown another drone, this was my first, but hopefully not my last.

Lets start with the positives….. this is great fun, like seriously great fun!! Once you get the hang of the controls this thing can land on a penny.  Now, I’m not saying getting the hang of the controls is easy, but I learned really quickly, when it felt like I was losing control, to just let go of the controls and it will hover right there.  From that point, I could just walk underneath it, and pull the left lever down, and it would fall slowly into my hands.

This drone can do flips and tricks at the press of a button – literally. There is a button on the right hand side of the controls, and when you hold it down and move the control stick, instant flip!  This meant even my daughter could use it and feel as if she was an ace pilot.

The charging time is only 60 minutes, and the battery is easily removable.  This also means it is easily swapped.  Flight time on a full charge is about 8-10 minutes in my experience (states 7 minutes on the box though).  However, a purchase of a spare battery or two, and you obviously increase that – and changing them on the fly doesn’t even require a screwdriver!

Its a pretty durable device too – while I was learning how to use it, I crashed it a couple of times -hard.  But as yet I haven’t had to change the propeller blades and its working good as new.

Lets look at the negatives.  This has no camera – but that’s not a problem if you don’t want one 🙂

It is very lightweight.  Now I have flown this outside several times with no issues at all from the wind, but that was on sunny calm days.  I cant say how this would stand up against more heavy duty, (and expensive) drones on a more blustery afternoon.

As mentioned battery time is sub 10 minutes – but I believe that is typical of drones (apparently), and a charge time of 60 minutes isn’t bad.

So, in summary, I bought this on a deal at £29.99 – I wouldn’t be put off buying another one at all. This is not a purchase I regret and of all this months gadgets I have bought, this is my favorite.  I would definitely buy this as a present for a younger child or a teenager (or an adult like me 🙂 )

Serious flyers may prefer more heavy duty drones that have all the camera’s and gadgets, but you get what you pay for and I am more than happy with my moneys worth here.

So…. my score out of 10?

9/10 – loved it!